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These days’ dating is more hazardous than it has ever been before. Traditionally, all you had to worry was about looking nice and making a good impression. These days, in addition to all of that, you have to worry about the embarrassing possibility that when you try to pick up the check and your card will get declined for insufficient funds. It is enough to make a Vienna escort flee the dating scene forever and you banned by the escort agency.

Nor is the hazard limited to singles. Many couples are letting their relationships languish because “We can’t afford to go out.” So they give up on the idea of date night completely. This is more dangerous than most people realize. Contrary to popular wisdom, dates are not disposable luxuries. They are the bricks which build a relationship and the mortar which holds it together. Without occasionally setting aside time to focus on each other, a relationship can devolve into merely a shared address, shared bills and sometimes children.

Happily, maintaining a healthy dating life is not as hard as people think. Whether you are single and dating a few different escorts or you are part of a couple trying to maintain a loving connection, dating does not have to break the bank. With a little forethought, planning and creativity anyone can enjoy inexpensive, interesting dates on a regular basis. In fact, it is possible to have a weekly escort date night for an entire year without traveling far or spending lavishly.

“Simple Dinner In”
By the first week in January many people are burned out on spending time with others. The holidays have just finished and everyone is craving some peace and quiet. The first date night of the year should be a simple evening in. Enjoy a nice easy dinner together your chosen escort and watch a new DVD. It’s simple, fun and relaxing. Everybody’s happy.”

“Ice Skating while Sexy Escorted”
While it is tempting to hole up inside during winter and wait for spring, it is better to get out and stay active. Renting a set of skates and checking out a nearby ice skating rink is a good way to do that and have fun. Even if you are a novice skater, fumbling your way around the rink holding on to your escort for dear life, you can have a lot of light hearted fun.

“MLK Day”
Martin Luther King Day falls right in the center of January. Mostly we think of this as a day off of school for the kids. Why not make it more than that? On the date night closest to January 15th, why not have dinner at a soul food restaurant or visit an African American cultural center. Check your local community calendar, than chose an Afro-American escort lady. Chances are good that there will be some fun and interesting event commemorating the great civil rights leader’s birth.

Like ice skating, sledding is a great way to stay active and get some sun during the winter months. One of the most important elements to maintaining a healthy dating life is to keep a playful heart and a merry spirit. Occasionally, giving yourself over to something ‘silly’ or ‘childish’ is a great way to do this.

“Groundhog Day”
As we learned from the Bill Murray movie, communities all over the country have homey ‘Groundhog Day” celebration. While Groundhog Day is an outdated, inaccurate way to predict the weather, Groundhog Day celebrations are a fun way to break up the winter monotony. So give the rodent his due and raise a glass of mulled cider in honor of the groundhog.
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“Pamper her” & “Pamper him”
Valentine’s Day might be the most important day of the year in the dating calendar. More than one marriage has been called off because of a forgotten or inadequate Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day, quite rudely, rarely falls on a weekend which is when most people have time to celebrate it. To further complicate the holiday, a romantic date for you often bores the escort girl to tears. So why not celebrate Valentine’s Day twice? The weekend before Valentine’s Day is for her. She gets pampered within an inch of her life. He does whatever she wants from a pedicure to a special meal to a watching chick-flick movie. Anything goes within a set budget. Next weekend is his turn. Now it is his turn to be treated like the king of the castle.

“Night In with a Theme”
As winter melts into spring, people begin to get restless. Wouldn’t life be better if we were in Paris or the Bahamas instead of here? For most people a spontaneous tropical getaway is not in the budget. The next best thing is to bring the Bahamas to here. A quick trip to the eurocent store can provide decorations to give your living room the feel of an exotic location. Prepare a dinner featuring regional specialties and put some appropriate music. Viola! You’ve got a weekend get away without leaving your home. Then you only need a bright and lively party girl escort.

“Off Season Attraction”
It is an ironic fact that people in Salzburg never visit Hellbrunn Palace gardens. People who live in Vienna don’t visit the Schönbrunn Palace unless they have out of town guests to be escorted. Many of these attractions are half price or free during the off season. Furthermore, there are few crowds to fight and parking is usually a breeze. Play tourist for a day and check out the local attractions.

“No Hangover St. Patty’s Day”
For many people mid-March is dominated by St. Patrick’s Day. Choosing which bars to visit beforehand and then recovering from the hangover afterwards. Believe it or not, it is possible to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day without spending a fortune at bars and without a week long hangover afterward. Catch the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Have dinner at a moderately priced Irish restaurant or watch a great Irish movie like “The Quiet Man,” “Miller’s Crossing” or “The Crying Game.”

“Craft Night”
This is another date night idea that at first glance seems more appropriate for children. Not so. Whether you’ve always wanted to try wood working or macramé, a craft night can be a lot of fun. Either pick a craft to try together or each try their own and simply work side by side. Craft night can be a lot of fun.

“April Fool’s Day”
April Fool’s Day is another great chance to let your inner child run free. You and your partner can spend the day playing harmless pranks on each other or the two of you turn your wits against friends and family. There is a little Trickster inside all of us and he needs a chance to run free.
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“Local Band”
It is easy to think of going to a concert as a costly endeavor. The big name rock tours can cost more than €150 for lawn seats. However, big name bands do not have the market cornered on good music. Check your local newspaper or online website for up and coming local bands. Tickets can be as low as €10 or even free and with your beautiful escort girl around, we’re sure you are going to be extremely popular, so get your booking in quick.

“Hiking/Nature Walk”
As April moves on, the weather gets nicer and spending time outdoors is once again an attractive idea. Take an afternoon and explore the closest nature trail. Bring a long some water, a little trail mix and a camera. You and your escort will look around amazed at all of nature bursting to life around you! Be sure your camera don´t have on focus only the girl escorting you.

“Cooking Night”
While the nights are still a bit chilly take a night to stay in and cook together. To make it really fun try cooking a style of food you’ve never attempted before. Make your own Thai food or learn how to make homemade pasta. This is a yummy way to play together.

“Local Symphony”
Just as big name rock bands do not have the market cornered on great music; neither do the big name orchestras. Even the smallest towns can boast a string quartet. A surprising number of towns and cities have their own symphony orchestras. Ticket prices are modest and often the music is surprisingly good. Of season in Vienna, you can show up escorted and pay only for one ticket.

“Botanical Gardens”
By mid-May spring is, literally, in full flower. It is the perfect time to visit a botanical gardens or to take a garden tour. Even if you are not an expert when it comes to flowers and gardening, the colors and scents make this an enjoyable day.

“I Love a Parade”
Memorial Day is seen around the country as the unofficial beginning of summer. School is out and the weather is nice enough for cooking out. Every town in America kicks off Memorial Day with a Memorial Day Parade to honor our service men and women. Go early and people watch before the parade begins.

“Scavenger Hunt”
The scavenger hunt is another sexy escort date night idea designed to let your crazy creative side to run free. This one takes a bit of prep. One partner hides clues all over the ‘hunting grounds.’ This can be inside the house, in the yard or all over town if you’re feeling adventurous. At the end they plant a surprise reward. The other partner then has to follow the clues and figure out where the surprise is waiting for them.
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“Concert in the Park”
Many communities sponsor summer concert series. These weekly or monthly concerts are usually free and feature a mixture of locally and nationally known bands. Check the city’s website to get information and the names of upcoming bands.

“Amusement Park”
Independently owned amusement parks are a dying phenomenon these days. “Adventure Land,” “Santa’s Village” and “Kiddyland” have been squeezed out by the gigantic big name amusement parks. If you are lucky enough to have one of these small, independent parks near-by take an evening and visit. They’re just as much fun as the big parks without the inflated prices and long lines.

Simple and sweet, a romantic picnic for two has never lost its appeal as a date idea. Pack a basket of your favorite foods, grab a blanket and head out to a nice shady park. A picnic is a great date for early in the relationship because it gives lots of time for “‘getting to know you’ conversation.

“There’s Gonna Be Fireworks!”
The Fourth of July fireworks display can be an ideal summertime date. Night falls, you spread the blanket out and cuddle together while looking up at the sky. Plenty of ‘Ooo’s and ‘Ahhh’s and cuddles and kisses to be had by all.

Like sledding in the wintertime, swimming is not just for kids any more. Head to the beach or community pool and don’t just sun bathe. Get in the water and splash around! Play tag, jump off the high dive or race each other across the pool and back. It is just as much fun as you remember.

“Cherry Picking”
Cherries are ready to be harvested in late July. Many commercial orchards will let people come and pick baskets of cherries for a nominal fee. Whether you just eat them straight out of the basket or take them home and cook something, fresh picked cherries are a late summer treat. Apple picking is a mid-autumn treat that is just as much fun.

“Movie in the Park”
Many of us miss the old drive-in movies. Some of us only know them from books and movies like “The Outsiders” and “Grease”. Sadly, the Drive-In Movie is nearly as dead a piece of Americana as the covered wagon. Happily a new tradition is rising to take its place. “Movies in the Park” are usually sponsored by a park district or a local business. A movie screen is erected in a centrally located park once or twice a month and anyone can see a new movie or an old classic completely free.

“Local Festival”
Whether it is “The Alley Art Walk” or “The Strawberry Festival” every city and town has one festival each summer. Many have several. Admission is usually free and all you have to pay for is your food and beverages.
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“Craft Show”
Summertime is, also, the season of craft shows. Craft shows have grown beyond cross stitch samplers and hand carved knick-knacks. Today’s craft shows features welded copper lawn decorations and hand woven rugs. You don’t have to buy anything, just wander around and get ideas for your next craft night.

“Star Gazing”
Kermit the Frog asks, “What’s so amazing to keep us star gazing?” The answer to that question can best be answered during mid-August. The annual Perseids meteor shower makes for a great late night date during the second week of August. Loving couples can lay next to each other on a blanket and watch up to 100 shooting stars per hour streak across the night sky. Check NASA’s website for complete information.

Fishing is popularly thought of as a “guys only” past time, but that is a myth. A surprising number of women enjoy fishing, too. Fishing can be a chance to get away from a hectic schedule and just relax on a lake.

“We’re going to the Zoo!”
Early September is the perfect time the visit the zoo. The weather is still nice and all of the kids are back in school. Stroll leisurely around the exhibits without having to fight your way through crowds of over excited children.

“Window Shopping”
Just as fishing is thought of as “guys only”, window shopping is seen as “gals only.”
Nothing could be further from the truth. It all depends on the windows you’re shopping. Check out ‘antique’s row” or wander around a nice air conditioned mall. Either way window shopping can be fun for both people if it’s done right.

“Local Gallery or Art Museum”
It is important to support local artists. Even Picasso and Rembrandt started somewhere and hometown support can make all the difference in the world to a budding artist. You don’t have to buy, just look. You’ll be surprised at how much talent is in your own backyard.

“It’s Harvest Time”
In late September and early October many local farms welcome anyone who wants to pick their own corn, pumpkins and other vegetables. Wear a good pair of shoes and bring a basket. This kind of date provides lots of rustic fun and you go home with a bushel of fresh, locally grown produce.

“Forest Preserve”
Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy long walk through the woods. We all know that the leaves change color. They do it every year. However, when was the last time you really looked at them as they changed? Visit a forest preserve and you might be just as amazed at the glories of nature as you were when you were a kid.

“Community Theatre”
Going to the theatre is another date night idea which people think of as a big ticket event. Community theatre, storefront theatres and local colleges produce fine theatre without the wallet ravaging ticket prices of Broadway shows.
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“Ghost Walk”
Every town has its ghost stories. Some towns sponsor “ghost walks” around Halloween where residents can learn local legends and scary stories. Even if your town doesn’t have a sponsored ghost walk, you can grab a map and take a walk. Chances are you know of one or two haunts to check out.

There are a lot of thrilling things to do on Halloween for adults of all ages. Haunted houses, horror movie marathons, costume parties and, of course, trick or treating makes Halloween a blast for everyone.

“Game Night”
As autumn nights grow longer and autumn weather grows colder, an evening in with friends is often just what the doctor ordered. Set out a few games, stock the frig with snacks and drinks and invite the gang over. It doesn’t matter if the game is poker or “Pictionary,” game night can be a lot of light hearted fun.

“Second Run Movie Night”
Once the poster child of a cheap date, dinner and movie has become prohibitively expensive. First run movies are out of budget for most couples unless it is a special occasion. A good way around this budget obstacle is to find a second run movie house. It means catching the hit blockbuster a few weeks after everyone else, but it can still be a special night.

“Gift Making”
Mid-November is not too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts. With everyone on a tighter budget homemade gifts are climbing in popularity. Set aside one night to make gifts for each other and other loved ones.

“Anything But Turkey!”
The Saturday after Thanksgiving is a day when most people want to do anything except spend time with relatives and they want to eat anything but turkey. Take a break from the family and the leftovers. Whether you choose to eat at a nice diner or whip up something in the kitchen, this is a great day for a dinner for two.

“Winter Wonderland”
The first week of December is a great time to visit Christmas or winter time festivals and events. Since it is early in the Christmas season, crowds are unlikely and everyone still has the Christmas spirit. Whether it’s a performance of “A Christmas Carol” or just a drive through the Lights and Display exhibit, these Christmas events make for fun holiday dates. Don’t forget to visit Santa!

“Christmas Store Window Walk”
Whether you’re strolling down Chicago’s Magnificent Mile or just wandering through your local shopping district, the holiday displays in the store windows are an amazing site. This completely free holiday tradition is the highlight of some people’s Christmas season. Bundle up, walk hand in hand and drink up all the glittering sites.

“Christmas Without Family”
During the hectic week before Christmas everyone gets a little stressed out. A good way to ease the pressure is to make date night into a time-out from the holidays. Sneak away for a few hours and just focus on each other. This is a great time to exchange personal, private gifts without the family peanut gallery looking on.

These days everyone is worried about money. Everyone is pinching pennies until Lincoln weeps. A tight budget, though, is no reason give up on dating. Whether you are single and free or a happy couple, forethought, planning and creativity can make for a great dating life.