Frequently Asked Questions

If you are uncertain about how female escort services in Vienna work, we hope that you can find the answers to your questions on this page.

I. Do you accept Credit Cards?

  1. Yes of course! Please be aware that an extra charge of 5% will be added when you pay with Credit Cards.
  2. All CC payments are made to the Escorts or our drivers through POS terminals; therefore you need to let us know a bit in advance.

II. Can I pay using another currency?

  1. Yes, by prior arrangement. EURO is the preferred choice, however we will always try our best to accept all other major currencies i.e. British Sterling, Dollars etc.
  2. Exchange rate calculation will be at the discretion of www.xe.com, and a 10% surcharge is also added for exchange commission.

III. Can I visit one of your escorts, or do they only visit me?

  1. All our Escorts are only able to visit you at your home or at your hotel.

IV. Is the service discreet? I would not want my neighbors knowing my business.

  1. Yes of course; we go to great lengths for discretion and arrange all this with you when you book. We would always want to avoid an awkward situation for you and our Escorts.

V. As I am an older man, I prefer more mature ladies. Is this possible?

  1. Yes and you are not alone. Our mature ladies are certainly some of the best in the escort business with a wealth of experience they are always the perfect choice.
  2. Please see our mature escorts listings page where featuring ladies who are not anymore under 30 years old.

VI. Once I have made a booking, how long will I have to wait?

  1. Usually within 40 minutes when you are hosted in some of the Vienna´s central areas. But of course it can be dependent on traffic and time of day.
  2. We will always advise and keep you informed of the estimated arrival time when you make your booking.

VII. Your Escorts can visit the hotels near Vienna International Airport?

  1. Yes of course, we have Airport Escorts who can arrive to Vienna International Airport Hotels within the hour.

VIII. You have Escorts who are happy to visit couples?

  1. Some of our Escorts are indeed happy to visit couples. Check out who they are, from our receptionists. LIVE CHAT

IX. Are the pictures and information on the girls’ profile pages genuine?

  1. 100%! They are all absolutely genuine. We know all of our escorts personally and verify their stats, age, appearance etc. In our websites, we handle the pictures and information’s, and is no third party involved, so if the girl you meet isn’t the girl you were expecting there can be no arguments.
  2. We respect our clients!

X. Is getting a Female Escort visit legal in Vienna?

  1. Yes of course this is legal; you are simply going on a date and enjoying companionship with a beautiful woman.
  2. We are legal and registered as Escort Service Company at the commerce chamber in Wien, Austria. See here:
  3. It’s important to remember that we do not arrange for sex, and this is not prostitution. When you book with us, you are paying for the lady’s time, and nothing more.
  4. Whatever develops between the two of you is entirely up to you and a matter of whatever spark occurs between you.

XI. Isn’t this just prostitution?

  1. Even if the Prostitution is legal in Vienna, we do not at any time encourage our girls to have sex with anyone for more.
  2. We are a matchmaking service to help you find a match to date for companionship.
  3. Whatever happens after you meet the escort is something that transpired independent of.

XII. Can you send me more pictures of an escort I like?

  1. Unfortunately, this will be against our rules and regulations but we can assure you that the pictures on our website are the latest and most accurate ones available.

XIII. What do you do with my information?

  1. We take great measures to keep everything private and confidential. All your info is deleted after the escort service happens.
  2. We will not store any information that could be misused, and we never share your information with any third party.
  3. We train our ladies to protect your privacy at all times.
  4. They will never discuss with anyone else anything about you, nor will disclose their dates with each other, thus doubly ensuring your privacy.

XIV. Why I can´t find anymore the girl I just saw yesterday in your website?

  1. Because they or us have chosen to end or pause our contract.
    We do not keep in our website escorts who don’t meet our standards, or escorts who opt out.
  2. As we rely on our client´s feedback, escorts who cannot keep our clients’ confidence, we do not keep them on staff or list them on our website.
  3. It’s very important that our clients understand just how actively we protect their interests.
  4. It is paramount to everything we do.

XV. Do you make half hour appointments?

  1. No!


NOTE: Your question isn’t answered here? Not a problem, we’re committed to the highest possible level of customer service. Contact us and we’ll do our best to answer your question!