Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

First Scope
(1) The provider operates an escort and escort agency. Customers of the provider have the ability to instruct by phone and via the internet appropriate services.

(2) The services of the provider are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Second Provider’s services
(1) the provider provides accompaniments for business or private purposes. The supplier provides no services that target an unlawful activity of individuals referred.

(2) The provider does not perform the services of a tour operator. At the customer’s request, the provider accepts bookings at restaurants, hotels, theater performances and on behalf of the customer.

(3) The provision of the services agreed upon by the mediated person is subject to the payment of the agreed fee in advance.

Third Conclusion
(1) The customer has the possibility to take over the Internet or telephone contact with the provider. The provider reserves the right to reject the contract in each case, without notice. A right to enter into a contract with the provider does not exist.

(2) A contract shall only become effective after confirmation by the seller. The confirmation can be made by phone, email or in writing.

(3) For bookings of three days, the supplier reserves to make the contract conditional on a deposit of 30% of the total amount.

4th Remuneration
(1) The payment for the services of the supplier depends on the time the contract was a valid price bar.
This is available on the agency website.

(2) The named therein Prices apply for a job. The prices are gross prices inclusive of VAT.

(3) Additional costs, such as for hotel accommodation, food, drinks, and entrance fees are not included.
This is to be borne separately by the customer.

5th Payment
(1) The payment of the agreed compensation is the Barübergabe the mediated person at the beginning of the appointment.

(2) The payment of the agreed advance payment made by bank transfer to the account of the seller.

6th Postponements / cancellations
(1) The provider is for cancellations and postponements constantly striving to meet the needs of the customer. Free cancellation is possible for the customer always within at least 24 hours before the agreed date. Payments already made with regard to the agreed payment will be refunded.

(2) In case of cancellation less than 24 hours before the agreed date 50% of the deposit with respect to the agreed fee will be refunded.

(3) Additional costs incurred by the provider regardless of the agreed fee in connection with postponements or cancellations by customers (such as for restaurant, hotel, or car rental reservations) are independent of the cancellation period to be paid by customers.

7th Responsibility of the provider
(1) The provider is not liable for the actions of individuals referred. These are not agents of the provider and the customer to come over on their own responsibility.

(2) In the case of negligent breach of duty is the responsibility of the provider and its agents are limited to the predictable nature of the goods, typical, direct average damage. To slightly negligent breaches of non-essential duties, by the breach, the implementation of the contract will not be compromised, is not liable to the provider or its agents.

(3) The foregoing limitations will not apply to claims arising from product liability or warranty and claims due Körperund health, and loss of your life.

8th Privacy Policy
(1) We treat the personal information of our clients confidential and in accordance with all relevant data protection legislation. The transfer of such data without the explicit consent of the customer is not or only part of the necessary processing of the contract, such as booking restaurants or hotels.

9th Governing Law, Jurisdiction
(1) The applicable law is the law of the Federal Republic of Austria, where this choice does not lead to a consumer is deprived thereby compelling consumer protection standards.

(2) If the parties to the contract, the agreed jurisdiction Vienna, except for the dispute to a court jurisdiction is well founded. This also applies if the customer does not reside within the European Union.

10th License to use Images
(1) Applicants for employment agree that by sending photos to and accept such photos that they are irrevocably authorizing an unlimited license to to use the images provided for up to 5 months. The indefinite license applies where costs incurred remain unpaid.

11th Final provision
(1) Insofar as any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, or will, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.